Rockaway Township Community Information

The Rockaway Township School District is made up of five elementary schools and one middle school, each providing a dynamic, challenging and rewarding curriculum. High-school students attend Morris Hills High School, part of the Morris Hills School District. In 1997, Morris Hills was named a Star School by the NJ Department of Education. Since 1998, Morris Hills has been listed in New Jersey Monthly magazine as a Top Public School.

A number of highly ranked public and private schools are located nearby as well as three universities, a two-year community college and a vocational technical school. Residents take advantage of the wide spectrum of curriculum courses, a low registration fee and high quality programs for undergraduates and graduates offered in Morris County.

Rockaway Township, which celebrated its Sesquicentennial Anniversary in 1994, is not only an ideal location for business but, just as importantly, offers an ideal location for living, raising a family and enjoying life. Within Rockaway Township is Rockaway Townsquare Mall, one of the largest and most modern shopping malls in New Jersey.

Rockaway Township was formed in 1844. In 1715, Rockaway, which is an Indian word, "Rechouwakie," meaning, "the place of sands", was given its name by Dutch settlers. Rockaway is known as the first district in America to actively work and mine iron ore, which played a vital role in America’s independence from England. In 1730, Job Allen constructed a forge, in what is now Rockaway Borough. This forge later became known as the Stephen Jackson Forge. A surge in the development of forges occurred a decade later with forges operating along the Rockaway River, close to the ore, waterpower, and thick forests, which supplied huge amounts of charcoal to the works.

Morris County had grown to become the principle-smelting center of the United States by 1776. Today, Rockaway Township supports a large amount of forges. Hibernia, Mount Hope and Split Rock each housed a blast furnace. The forges and furnaces were used to provide the Continental Army with shovels, axes, cannons, cannon balls, grapeshot and other equipment. The furnace located below the dam of the Split Rock Reservoir is the only one that still exists.

The 1900s brought a new population to Morris County. Those who wanted to escape the hustle and bustle in New York City fled to Morris County to take advantage of its seclusion, ideal climate and untouched landscapes. Morris County quickly became a land of millionaires with more wealthy individuals living within a one-mile radius of the Morristown Green than elsewhere in the world.

Morris County offers 30 miles of rolling landscape dotted with lakes and rivers, which form most of its boundaries with the adjacent counties of Essex, Union, Somerset, Warren, Sussex and Passaic. The major interstate highways (80, 10, 46, 287, 280) allow for easy access to the surrounding counties and states.

The hills and valleys that run east-west are bordered by rocky mountain peaks reaching up to 1,000 feet above sea level and offer a wealth of recreational opportunities that include hiking, boating, fishing, skiing, horseback riding, golfing, swimming or just relaxing.

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